Understanding the Legal Issues of IANA Transition

Understanding the Legal Issues of IANA Transition
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The Edinburgh Europa Research Group is pleased to invite you to its upcoming event:

Understanding the Legal Issues of IANA Transition: What Next for ICANN after the End of US Control of the Internet?

Wednesday 23 November 2016
5pm – 6pm

David Hume Tower · Room 7.01
George Square · Edinburgh EH8 9JX

Dr Humberto Carrasco Blanc
Associate Professor of Law
Universidad Católica del Norte
Chair, Latin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organization (LACRALO), ICANN

This presentation aims to explain ICANN and its relationship with internet governance. To this end, it will briefly outline ICANN’s functions and its multi-stakeholder model. In particular, the presentation develops the rationale behind the IANA transition process. For this purpose, it reviews some of the arguments put forward by the US Senator Ted Cruz against the transition process. In the same vein, this work examines the US federal case State of Arizona v. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) that sought to halt the transition process. Finally, it considers the post-transition challenges faced by ICANN.

Dr Arianna Andreangeli | Discussant
Senior Lecturer in Competition Law
The University of Edinburgh

This event is co-organised with the IP/IT/Media Law Discussion Group.

This event is free and non-ticketed
All are welcome


Humberto Carrasco BlancHumberto Carrasco Blanc (@HCarrascoBlanc)
Catholic University of the North

Dr Humberto Carrasco Blanc is Associate Professor of Law at Universidad Católica del Norte. His research interests include competition, communication and IT law, regulation and markets. He is Chair of the LACRALO At-Large Organization, ICANN.

Arianna AndreangeliArianna AndreangeliEdinburgh Europa Institute Logo (@AriAround)
The University of Edinburgh

Dr Arianna Andreangeli is Senior Lecturer in Competition Law at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include EU competition law, national competition law, markets, innovation, merger control and business regulation.

Shortlink: edin.ac/2foZ6fx