Scotland and the European Energy Union: A Sociotechnical Systems Perspective

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Energy Turbines in Northern Ireland, Giuseppe Milo, CC-BY-2.0

The Edinburgh Europa Research Group is pleased to invite you to its next event:

Scotland and the European Energy Union: A Sociotechnical Systems Perspective

Wednesday 30 March 2016
5pm – 6pm

David Hume Tower · Room LG.06
George Square · Edinburgh EH8 9JX

Dr Antti Silvast
Research Fellow in European Energy Policy and Markets
The University of Edinburgh

EU Member States and their regions like Scotland are nested in a wider European energy infrastructure and policy context. Focusing on the electricity sector, the aim of a research project by Dr Ronan Bolton, Dr Mark Winskel and Dr Antti Silvast, funded by the Scottish ClimateXChange, is to examine the key challenges, uncertainties and opportunities presented by greater European energy system and policy integration through a Scottish lens.

Achieving Scotland’s ambitious low-carbon and renewable energy targets is to a significant degree contingent upon decisions made outwith the Scottish Government’s jurisdiction. Consequently, research explicitly examining the embeddedness of Scottish energy policy in the multi-level energy system will be essential to understanding the complexities of low-carbon energy transition in Scotland. Along with informing the Scottish policy debate, this project seeks to contribute to international scholarship on sustainable energy transitions.

This presentation is part of an academic publication which develops a more robust conceptual approach to multi-level energy system analysis, taking Scotland-Europe as a relevant example. The presentation will provide an overview of our main lines of inquiry during the first year of the project: 1) energy union 2) electricity market design and 3) regional energy governance.

This phase of the work is primarily based on a series of interviews with experts in various levels of energy policy and markets, from the European Commission and European energy industries to Scottish stakeholders, UK-level authorities and non-governmental organisations. This has been supplemented by participating in Scottish and European events about the Energy Union over the past year and analysing key policy documents.

Nataliya Muzyka | Chair
Europa Research Group Co-Convenor
PhD Candidate in Politics
The University of Edinburgh

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Antti Silvast (@anttisilvast)Antti Silvast
The University of Edinburgh

Dr Antti Silvast is Research Fellow in European Energy Policy and Markets at the University of Edinburgh. His current project, funded through the Scottish ClimateXChange, analyses European energy policy developments and their implications for Scotland and the UK.

Nataliya MuzykaNataliya Muzyka (@MN000ST)
The University of Edinburgh

Nataliya Muzyka is Co-Convenor of the Edinburgh Europa Research Group and PhD Candidate in Politics at the University of Edinburgh. Her research compares the influence of the European Union on democratisation processes in Poland and Ukraine.


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