Past Years Events

Academic Year 2016/2017

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 28 March 2017
Thoughts on the Current Situation in Ukraine
Robert Brinkley CMG

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 21 March 2017
Notion of Contract at the EU Primary Law Level
Zuzanna Brocka

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 14 March 2017
Critical Europeans? Changing Conceptions of the EU in Scotland and Flanders
Coree Brown Swan

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 8 March 2017
Development Dimension of EU Migration Policy
Ezel Tabur

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 28 February 2017
Visa Liberalisation as a Tool for Development
Paulina Szeląg

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 14 February 2017
EU Anti-Corruption Enlargement Conditionality
Liljana Cvetanoska

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 7 February 2017
Making Sense of Brexit: Implications for Domestic Social Policy
Kathryn Simpson

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 31 January 2017
Transnational Cooperation of the Southern European Radical Left
Vladimir Bortun

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 29 November 2016
Litigation for Migrants’ Rights before the Court of Justice of the EU: The Cases of Italy and the UK
Virginia Passalacqua

JOINT EVENT | Wednesday 23 November 2016
Understanding the Legal Issues of IANA Transition: What Next for ICANN after the End of US Control of the Internet?
Humberto Carrasco Blanc

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 22 November 2016
Unlawfully Staying EU Citizens in Europe
Benedita Menezes Queiroz

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 8 November 2016
The Notion of European Public Order in the Reasoning of the ECtHR
Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou

JOINT EVENT | Friday 4 November 2016
Foreign Policy Objectives in European Constitutional Law
Joris Larik

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 1 November 2016
Balancing Efficacy with Space: Public Services in EU Trade?
Luigi Francesco Pedreschi

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 25 October 2016
After Brexit: An Introduction to Fragmentation in the Scope of European Integration
Oliver Garner

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 18 October 2016
Balancing Security and Justice in the EU’s Criminal Law Area by Enhancing Mutual Trust
Auke Willems

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 11 October 2016
Constitutional Crisis of the EU Citizen: Fundamental Rights Protection and EU Citizenship Law
Adrienne Yong

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 4 October 2016
EU Citizenship and Access to Social Assistance Benefits: A Defence of Recent Case Law
Martijn van den Brink

SOCIAL EVENT | Tuesday 27 September 2016
Welcome Reception 2016/2017
Anthony Salamone · Emily Hancox · Nataliya Muzyka


Academic Year 2015/2016

CONFERENCE | Friday 10 June 2016
Eurasia: Going East or West?
Anthony Salamone · Nataliya Muzyka · Christoph Bluth · Iryna Dyvoniak · Elham Gharji · Alexandra Kulagina · Murad Muradov
Serik Orazgaliyev · Noemi Rocca · Karina Shyrokykh · Shu Uchida · Ammon Cheskin · Helen Hardman · Alexander Marshall

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 30 March 2016
Scotland and the European Energy Union: A Sociotechnical Systems Perspective
Antti Silvast

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 23 March 2016
Independence v Centralisation: Is a Digital Single Market with Uniform Data Protection Oversight Possible?
Jiahong Chen

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 16 March 2016
Did EU Foreign Policy Slow Ukraine’s Democratic Transition?
Nataliya Muzyka

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 9 March 2016
The Common Travel Area as the EU’s Other Border-Free Zone: A Tale of History, Law, and Treaty Opt-Out
Graham Butler

SEMINAR SERIES | Thursday 3 March 2016
Can the UK’s Current Negotiating Position on Free Movement be Reconciled with EU Law?
Niamh Nic Shuibhne

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 24 February 2016
The Quest for an Optimal Corporate Taxation System within the EU: Which Way Forward?
Luca Cerioni

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 20 January 2016
Socialisation through EU Foreign Policy? CFSP Declarations and Non-Member States in the EU’s Neighbourhood
Paul James Cardwell

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 2 December 2015
Policy Learning on the Bologna Process in Ukraine
Iryna Kushnir

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 25 November 2015
Knowledge Actors and Constructing Governing Panoramas
Sotiria Grek

PANEL DISCUSSION | Wednesday 18 November 2015
EU Energy Union: A Pathway to Prosperity?
Antti Silvast · Francesca Batzella

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 11 November 2015
Obstacles and Incentives for Private Competition Litigation in the EU and the UK
Arianna Andreangeli

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 4 November 2015
What Political Science Can Tell Us About Banking Union
David Howarth

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 28 October 2015
The Dilemma of the EU’s Climate Diplomacy and Transitional Policy after Copenhagen
Feng Cunwan

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 14 October 2015
The European Court of Justice in Comparative Perspective
William Phelan

SOCIAL EVENT | Wednesday 23 September 2015
Welcome Event 2015-2016
Anthony Salamone · Nataliya Muzyka · Emily Hancox · Arianna Andreangeli


Academic Year 2014/2015

PANEL DISCUSSION | Thursday 26 March 2015
Britain and the European Union: 2015-2020
Drew Scott · Arianna Andreangeli

CONFERENCE | Thursday 26 March 2015
The Future of EU Free Movement
Niamh Nic Shuibhne · Floris de Witte · Claire Squire · Ognjenka Manojlovic · Jed Meers

SEMINAR SERIES | Monday 23 March 2015
Domestic Actors in EU Trade Negotiations
Margaux Kersschot

SEMINAR SERIES | Thursday 19 March 2015
The Reasoning of the European Court of Justice
Gunnar Beck

SEMINAR SERIES | Tuesday 17 March 2015
EU Commissioners and Cabinets: (Supra)national Agents?
Renke Deckarm

PANEL DISCUSSION | Tuesday 10 March 2015
Europe’s Current Security Challenges
Luke March · Alex Marshall

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 4 March 2015
Gazprom and CDC: Defending EU Law from Arbitration?
Filippo Fontanelli

SEMINAR SERIES | Thursday 12 February 2015
Free Movement (or Not): EU – Switzerland
Nicolas Diebold

SEMINAR SERIES | Wednesday 28 January 2015
The Eurozone in 2015: Beyond the Crisis?
Drew Scott · Myrto Tsakatika

SEMINAR SERIES | Thursday 4 December 2014
Europe’s Global Challenges, New and Old
Ben Rosamond

PANEL DISCUSSION | Thursday 27 November 2014
The Future of EU-Russia Relations
Luke March · Ammon Cheskin · Marco Siddi

SEMINAR SERIES | Thursday 6 November 2014
Cross-Fertilisation in European Discrimination Law
Stephanie Bell

SEMINAR SERIES | Thursday 23 October 2014
Private Damages in EU Competition Law
Grant Stirling